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RE: Hi! Question from Philip
Writer : CLWHivf     Date : 2024-01-19     Clicks : 69

Dear Phillip! The pregnancy success rate via IVF-ET with TESE at CL Women`s Hospital is about 40%. The procedure will cost around $5000 and you will have stay for 3 weeks. You can choose to stay at the CLWH residency. The cost for the IVF-ET is in USD and it will cover ovulation induction drugs, oocyte retrival procedure, TESE and embryo transfer procedure. If you wish to receive the IVF-ET treatment from CLWH, please visit 5 days before your mensturation for a gynecologic examination and we can discuss the IVF-ET procedure in detail.  I would need the following information on your medical history for a proper treatment. 1.duration of infertiltiy 2.Hormone study result(LH/FSH/E2 level) 3.Semen analysis result 4.Hysterosalpingogram(HSG) result etc. laparoscopic finding, hysteroscopic finding Choi>>>>>

  Thanks beforehand~

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