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Our first step towards infertility treatments do not begin with numbers, but with caring words,
realizing that we share the patient's pain and that we will go through it together.

DATE : 18-05-30 15:50
Convenient Real No-Scalpel Vasectomy
 User : Dr.Choi
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Dr. Moon has already quit for job , but  another doctor of our hospital also can do  , or can you tell me when you will come ? and first I think you can get consult with doctor.
my phone no is 010-93342162 , my name is Wu Jing .

> I was looking on the website to start to set up an appointment for a vasectomy with Hyun-jun Moon, M.D.. Unfortunately, I don't see the procedure listed under the 'Treatment' section. I noticed that he is still listed as a staff member. How do I go about starting the process?