High Pregnancy Rate

CLWH has provided patients with the highest quality IVF treatment for the past 19 years. With over more than 32,000 IVF cycles, our team boasts a competitive pregnancy success rate.

Pregnancy outcome according to the age of the female

Personalized Coordinators

Personalized international coordinators fluent in Korean, English, Mongolian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese will assist patients from prior to their visits and until their return to their home country

Follow up with local physicians

Our services do not end in Korea, but extend in the patient's home country as local doctors affliated with CLWH will follow up with the patients conditions after their visit to CLWH.

Reduced Treatment Period

Treatment period is reduced by performing ovulation induction procedure in the patient's native country from a local physician affliated with CLWH, thereby reducing treatment cost and travel time while visiting Korea.

24/7 Hotline

Patients can reach us any time of the day for inquiries and concerns through a hotline that connects directly to the physicians.

In Hospital Residence

CLWH offers residence rooms that include bed and breakfast for the visiting patient's convenience, making the treatment procedure more accessibe.

Tour Program

In addition to medical services, CLWH can provide the patients with an extensive tour program that explores Gwangju and Southern Korea's natural scenes.